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Don’t Bring Your Pain of the Past Into Your Family

Eight Steps for Healing the Pain of the Past to keep it from entering into your family today. When I first got married and began my beautiful family, I did not want to allow my past hurts to enter into my new family.  The pains of the past certainly helped mold me into who I […] Read more

Child Disciplining Wisdom From Solomon

Proper discipline is necessary for the development of a child.  Parents have the difficult responsibility of raising a child with loving discipline.  Discipline is a major part of the maturing process, so do not avoid or despise it.  We will gain wisdom when we receive discipline and correction properly. Proverbs 3:11-12 says, “My son, Read more

Restoring the Family : The Journey

As we begin our journey toward family restoration, let’s discuss some of the issues facing families. One problem many families face today is the issue of angry and rebellious children.  Instead of the home being a haven it is full of strife and confusion. We believe the Word of God has the answer to this […] Read more